Social Circle

Social circle began out of Susan’s home and has since grown to service many more children from the MindWare family as well as others from the community. During social circle the children play games, work on team building challenges, and learn social skills through direct teaching and natural environment teaching. There is a social topic discussed each session and the topics do not repeat but rather build on each other.

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Summer Camps

Sports Camp

Children will learn social skills through physical activity and lessons about cooperative play, leadership, flexibility, tolerance, teamwork, and a positive attitude. Students will learn coping skills and strategies for successful play. All levels welcome. This camp will be taught by a phys. Ed. Specialist who has experience teaching elementary and high school students. In addition, he has been working with us at social circle this past year.

Social Skills Team Building and Cooperative Play

Children will learn social skills through camp activities including sports, cooperative play, team building challenges, and social coaching. Each day, a new topic will be presented and explored during the table top lesson work. The children will then generalize the skill through social coaching during our camp activities.

Social Skills Program – Getting “School Ready”

Young children will be taught how to function in a primary school environment. The children will practice circle time, playing cooperatively, following instructions and working together. Body breaks will be built into lessons and the children will work on restoring focus and transitioning.

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